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Pre-teen dazzles with musical talent

By Madison Lammert - June 1, 2022


At just 12 years old, Waterloo native Raelynn Patterson has stunned the Monrie County area and beyond with her voice, gaining her the attention of country stars Ryan Daniel and Molly Lovette this past summer.

Patterson played her first paid gig last August with Lovette at Freedom Jam, which led her to meet headliner Ryan Daniel and eventually travel to Kansas to perform for him.

But her musical journey started long before then. 

"I've been singing for most of my life, probably since I was a toddler," Patterson said...

Payton Howie Walks the Line in New Single "Jail and Jesus"


NASHVILLE, TN – Right and wrong, modern and traditional, "Jail and Jesus" – Payton Howie might walk the line, but the result is brutal honesty. Honest-to-goodness storytelling is the foundation that country music was built on, and Howie uses this to narrate the story of her family tree in her April 15 single, “Jail and Jesus.”


“'Jail and Jesus' is by far one of the most personal songs I’ve ever released and definitely one of the tracks I’m most proud of,” confesses Howie. “Some of the greatest country songs of all time have a ‘storytelling’ aspect that grips you and that’s something I wanted to incorporate.”

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